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 Lately, I have been working on admissions loveliness--loveliness being used in the loosest sense, of course. 

I think I'll probably just be applying to three universities (all in-state, but in three different cities, none of which being my hometown). I've lived in the same town since I was born. I've lived in the same house. I've gone to the same school since kindergarten. Nothing against my hometown, but I'm ready for a change. 

I briefly mentioned the possibility of going to uni in Canada (specifically in Québec, most likely) because of the lower tuition, but my father shut down the idea pretty quickly (despite Mother's support). He thinks it'd be a waste of money to have to spend so much to come back to the States whenever I'd need/want to. I guess I can see why. 

I'd really like to get into this one university in Nashville; it has a really lovely campus, and the language department staff seem like lovely folks. I have to get a full-tuition scholarship if I want to go there, though, and it seems so daunting. I have been told that I can get it by many people who I love and trust, but honestly I am stressed about it. 

Ah, well. I guess I have the blathering tag for a reason. I'd better use it for this post! Aaaaaaand, I'm procrastinating doing my other schoolwork. I'm afraid that I must away for now. 

Thankfully, by November 1, much of this stress will be over. Or at least, the urgency of the stress should pass. 

Date: 2016-10-14 09:12 pm (UTC)
yuuago: (A Redtail's Dream - Best friends)
From: [personal profile] yuuago
Gahhh that does sound stressful. Well, good luck. <3 I hope you'll get that scholarship.



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