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 Heyo, would you look at that? It's been awhile since my last entry.

Updates are in order: since my last post, I've graduated high school and been accepted with a counselor! My excitement is tentative, but man am I grateful to have a professional brain person to spew my brain stuff to. Spew is a touch too violent. Spill, maybe? Bit less gross. 

Anyhow, I truly am grateful for that. It was a difficult process to finally come to, but I'm super grateful because I've got some stuff that I really don't know how to handle on my own. I think it'll be really beneficial to get started working through that before and during the beginning of university. Thankfully, my uni is only about an hour from my home town, so I'd be able to drive back home for appointments or do phone consultations, which is nice. (Have I used the word 'really' enough yet?)

I've turned 18 as well! Weird. Legal adulthood. 

And, a week from today, I'll be in Montréal! June ended up being kind of travel-heavy, as I'll be away from home for 18 of its 30 days. That's a huge blessing! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to volunteer in Québec and to get to know such an awesome, multi-cultural place. 

Things are mostly good. Trying to prepare myself for counseling/therapy/whatever the heck you should call it. Enjoying the sunshine and the pretty plants!



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