Therapist #2 isn't accepting new patients. 

The search continues!
I just went through the list of therapists accepted by my insurance (for the second time; the first list was the one I went through right before we changed insurance providers).

I might have found a therapist! She meets all of my mama's requirements (as well as my own) and I have a good feeling about her. And her practice is within 10 or 15 minutes of my house (really close to school, even though I'm graduating in less than a month, eep). I'm so glad about that. 

It's a start. A positive one. I'm so grateful. 

And as a post script, I have been treating my body pretty well these last two weeks. Two weeks does not a lifestyle change make, but still--it's more progress than I've made in a long time. I'm proud (though quietly, as it's not something I really want to discuss with people in person just yet). 
I'd like to make a change for my physical and mental health so that I can live my life more productively and happily. I need to take care of my body and my brain so that my heart and soul can be happy. :)

Just writing that down today so that I can be reminded and encouraged that it's for the better. Since the appointment with Therapist #1 fell through (darn insurance!), I need to take the initiative to get help from a new person. I need to take initiative, period. I want to give myself my best chance. 

Happy Easter! <3 I hope that this weekend has been restful for you, and that the sun will shine upon you, wherever you may be. 

EDIT: Oh, and an update from my last post!! I just needed to cry it out for a few days, and pray, and be with other people. Doing better and taking steps to rectify that situation and that hurt as best I can. Healing!



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